Airtel Yonder Music App

Airtel Yonder Music App

Airtel Yonder Music is a bold & feature-rich digital music service that provides commercially-free access to millions of songs to stream, download (cached), play and share. It has a huge collection of local and international music available to enjoy.

  • Charge: No subscription or download charge is required for this app.
  • Continuous Play: Music keeps on playing until you hit pause or stop providing uninterrupted entertainment on Mobile
  • Add a song: Add your favorite song or album to your playlist by creating playlist. To create a playlist by simply opening any menu on a song and adding to a new or existing playlist Also just by pressing STAR icon have it available for offline listening anytime anywhere
  • Music cached/download: Automatic music download in app (cached) with a single click of the star icon
  • Offline: Automatic music download in app (cached) with a single click of the star icon
  • Share:
    • Share Playlists with other Airtel Yonder users who are following you in app
    • If any user is logged into the app through facebook profile, on that case user will be able to share songs update on facebook
  • Login:
    • Login without anything by “TAKE ME TO MUSIC” option
    • Login through existing facebook user ID
    • Login through any email address
  • Follow: Follow Users/Request users to follow you making it easier to share Music with others with similar tastes
  • Subscribe to playlist: Subscribe to other user’s Playlists, Branded Authorities and Charts. There is no charge for this.
  • Heavy Hitter: Discover Heavy Hitters/Users on the App about who is using the app most
  • Magic Library : User’s Streamed songs will be available for offline streaming on magic library
  • Authorities: Different top chart playlist of renowned local musicians, channels, mode playlist etc. will be available in app for users to access.

How to use:

  • Your mobile has to be configured with any Internet (WAP/Internet) settings
  • Mobile has to be an airtel data enabled android mobile

Data bundle:

  • Airtel users will need to have an active Airtel data pack to use the app. Once the user get validity though data pack to use the app after that the app will be accessible through Wifi as well. But every 7 days user will have to come back to mobile internet to get validity because the wifi access will not work once the 7 days validity is over and not renewed though mobile internet. To get the Data offers, please visit:

Customer Support:

User can go to setting option to report or can send email to

Airtel Yonder Music FAQs