Other Packages
Category Airtel Non FnF FNF No. of Fnf Pulse
Package Onnet Offnet Onnet Offnet
Flat Rate Golpo (Pack) 1.00/min 1.00/min N/A N/A N/A 10 sec.
Fnf Adda (pack) 1.35/min 1.35/min 0.36/min 0.80/min 8 10 sec
Super Adda (pack) 1.35/min 1.35/min 0.30/min 0.60/min 29 10 sec.
Dosti (pack) 1.35/min 1.35/min 0.25/min 0.66/min 5 10 sec.
Hoichoi (pack) 1.00/min 1.00/min 0.30/min 0.60/min 2 1 sec.
Community Gangtalk (pack) 0.60/min 1.20/min 0.30/min N/A community 1 sec
Dolbol (pack) 0.99/min 1.29/min 0.36/min N/A community
10 sec.
Peak/offpeak Foorti (pack) 0.36/min ( 12am:3pm ) 0.79/min ( 12am:3pm ) N/A N/A N/A 10 sec
Others Kotha (pack) 0.99/min 1.29/min N/A N/A N/A 1 Sec

On-net applies to both Airtel and Robi numbers