Get 100% data volume + 2GB 4G Data @Tk.5 within the validity for any of the main pack purchase.

If any airtel prepaid user buys any of the main data packs below, s/he will be able to get the same volume again by recharging only Tk.05 or by dialing USSD code *123*005# (charge Tk.5) within the main pack validity. Additionally, s/he will also get 2GB 4G bonus for purchasing the Tk.5 pack.

Eligibility: All Airtel prepaid subscribers

Product Overview:

Best Data offer in the market

5 Taka-Double Volume

Deno Purchase Code/
Recharge Deno
Main Pack 4g Bonus Action Booster Volume Total
3G Volume
4G Volume
45 Recharge 45 512 MB 1GB Recharge
or Dial
within the validity
512 MB 2GB 4G 1GB 3GB 7
or Dial *123*045#
98 Recharge 98 1.5 GB 1GB 1.5GB 2GB 4G 3GB 3GB 7
or Dial *123*098#
129 Recharge 129 2.5 GB 1GB 2.5GB 2GB 4G 5GB 3GB 7
or Dial *123*0129#
209 Recharge 209 1.5 GB 1GB 1.5GB 2GB 4G 3GB 3GB 28
or Dial *123*0209#
398 Recharge 398 4 GB 1GB 4 GB 2GB 4G 8GB 3GB 28
or Dial *123*0398#

Modality & detail conditions:

1 Both Main Packs (45, 98, 129, 209, 398) & Tk.5 Packs can be purchased through both Recharge & USSD dialing.
2 USSD code for Tk.5 pack is *123*005#. Charge will be Tk.5 (including VAT)
3 Both 1GB 4G & 2GB 4G will have validity of 15Days.
4 Customers can avail the offer as many times as they want within campaign period.
5 The add-on 5TK pack can be availed only once after each main pack purchase. Once this Tk.5 pack is availed, it cannot be re-purchase till the validity is over.
6 The validity of the Add On Tk.5 packs will expire on the same day of the main pack.
7 If multiple main packs exist during AddOn Tk.5 pack purchase, pack with highest price will receive the addon volume with respective pack validity.
8 The prices are inclusive of VAT, SD & SC
9 This offer will only be available for airtel prepaid subscribers
10 Offer will be valid for any Airtel Prepaid subscriber.
11 For both the bonus 4G packs, 1MB needs to be consumed in 4G env. Rest can be used in 2G/3G/4G.
12 To check Tk.5 Data product remaining volume & validity, subscribers need to dial *778*005#
13 To check data balance & validity of any other packs, need to dial *8444*88#
14 If a subscriber purchases main pack through USSD & recharge tk 5, will s/he get the additional products? Yes
15 If a subscriber purchases main pack through EL & dials USSD for tk 5, will s/he get the additional products? Yes
16 Tk.5 additional pack will have the least priority among data packs. Suppose, a subscriber has a general pack named “AAA” in addition to the Tk.5 pack. Data volume will be consumed first from “AAA” pack. Once it is fully consumed, them it will start consuming from Tk.5 pack.
17 If a subscriber purchases Tk.45 pack, Then Tk.209 pack and then Tk.5 twice, s/he will get double data only for the first Tk.5 recharge. The second Tk.5 recharge will either fail or go to the main account.
18 Postpaid subscribers will not able to purchase any of these packs.