200% Bonus

Package Details

  • Customers will enjoy 200% data volume bonus for subscribing below two recharged based data packs
  • Recharge Internet Validity
    Tk.98 1 GB 5 Days
    Tk.159 3 GB 7 Days
  • Among 200% bonus, 100% bonus is usable for regular hours, no time window is there, and another 100% is usable within 2AM to 12PM
  • Bonus validity is same as relevant pack validity
  • Both pack and bonus data volume is usable in 3G and 2G network
  • Subscribers can opt-in the offers as many times they want within the campaign duration
  • Multiple subscriptions of offered data packs will generate bonus multiple times
  • Same pack subscriptions within validity will accumulate remaining data pack and bonus volume
  • Bonus data volume will be consumed first then pack volume, night time bonus will be consumed first within the night time window then regular bonus
  • Temporary bonus data deactivation is not possible through USSD menu and it’s also forbidden for agents to deactivate through CRM in favor of customers
  • There is no additional retail OTF for the campaign regular OTF is available
  • To check availed offers and balance need to dial *8444*88#