What is it

Airtel prepaid roaming service enables you to go abroad and use your mobile phone to make/receive voice calls and send/receive SMS (depending on foreign operators’ capacity). All Airtel Prepaid subscribers (excluding Shomriddhi, Shomriddhi Basic & ERS SIM) with IR subscription would be eligible to use Airtel Prepaid Roaming services. Airtel’s Prepaid Roaming service enables prepaid subscribers to avail prepaid services whilst travelling abroad.

Key features of prepaid roaming:
  • No security deposit
  • No subscription fee for activation of prepaid roaming.
  • Prepaid roaming account can be recharged through an authorized person and email request from home & abroad
  • 24/7 IR hotline number: +8801678600786 (from abroad) / 786 (from home)

**Outbound Prepaid roaming services can only be used in selected international networks depending on Airtel’s prepaid coverage list.