Adbox Bangladesh Ltd has acquired the non-exclusive rights of full Cycas Games catalogue for the Bangladesh territory and the Cycas Games portal have been planned for launch in 2017.

Now, with the Cycas Games rights and Cycas Games platform, we have the opportunity to promote the services in different marketing media leveraging their most popular games like action, arcade, puzzle, racing…etc and can increase revenue significantly. It’s a subscription based service. If user subscriber in service they can download or play online game. Data charge applicable

In case of subscription model:

  • Subscribe and play any games @ BDT 2/day [Auto-renewable]

How to use

You need to log on to WAP site from your mobile via your mobile browser. You can then select from categories of content you like to download.

How to Subscribe:

SMS: User will have to type “START GMR” and send to 16265. User will get confirmation sms of the service. User need to visit Cycas Games Portal to play unlimited games.

Mobile site: User will Visit or open the Cycas Games wap/app. and click on “SUBSCRIBE ME” button to subscribe for the service.

How to Unsubscribe:

SMS: Write STOP GMR and send to 16265.

Mobile site: Go to and click on “UNSUBSCRIBE” bottom of the page.


Package Type Charge
Subscription Based Tk 2 (+ VAT SD and SC)/Day (Auto-renewable)

Note: There will be data charge for browsing the portal.


  1. How do I start playing games in my Mobile?
  2. Ans. Visit and click on subscription me button. Then play any game you like to play.

  3. What if I don’t want to subscribe to the service but I want to download and play?
  4. Ans. If you don’t want to subscribe to the service then you cannot play any games. To play unlimited games user need to subscribe first.

  5. Is there any data charge for browsing the portal and download game?
  6. Ans. Yes, there will be data charges as per your subscribed data plan for browsing and downloading at

  7. What kind of mobile will be compatible for Cycas Games?
  8. Ans. User will be able to use the service with handsets using Android, iOS & Feature Phone operating system

  9. What will happen if any non-member clicks to download games from
  10. Ans. When a non-member user will click the game they will get a subscription request in a popup menu, if he/she denies to subscribe, then user cannot play any games.

  11. If a user double clicks or sends double SMS for subscription then will the user be charged twice?
  12. Ans. Users will be charged only once for subscription. If any existing user sends subscription request more than once, then they will receive a free notification that they are already subscribed for the service.

  13. Will I be able to subscribe if my handset is not supported?
  14. Ans. No, you will not be able to subscribe to this service if your handset is not supported. We can detect Handsets model, brand, Operating system and browser. If any of these options do not support, user will not be able to subscribe at Cycas Games portal.

  15. What will happen if I change my Phone?
  16. Ans. If you change your handset and continue having the old SIM card, then you will remain a subscriber to the service. And you can just use the service as you were earlier.

  17. What happens when I change my SIM card?
  18. Ans. If you change your SIM card then you will have to subscribe to the service once again with your new SIM.

  19. I cannot play/download any of the game!
  20. Ans. You may have a poor network or the game does not support your handset. Try changing the handset and switch your mobile to 3G mode.

  21. I could play till yesterday, but can’t play today.
  22. Ans. Possible reason for not playing the games as follows:

    1. You do not have sufficient balance so the subscription has not been renewed
    2. Please check your data plan
    3. If you are using dual SIM handset please check and choose your subscribed SIM for the service.
  23. Can I Download from Wap portal?
  24. Ans. Yes, you can download games from any portal.

  25. Can I use any browser to access the Cycas Games service.
  26. Ans. For Android OS UC browser and UC browser mini will not support . For IOS Opera browser at mini mode and UC browser and UC browser mini will not support

    To have a better experience it is suggested that Android users will use chrome and IOS user will use Safari browser and chrome browser

  27. Don’t find answers here?
  28. Email to the below ID or call the CP helpline numbers given below:

    Support Email:

    Phone: 01612559955