Gameloft Games Club: Gameloft WAP shop, users can register to our subscription service available at a discounted price and get credits as per the charged amount. Each credit can be redeemed to download one game of full-version. Users can quit the subscription service anytime but they will lose all their existing credits. Subscribers will be advised to use all their credits before they unsubscribe from our service.

How does Subscription work: User subscribes to Gameloft Club for 10 Taka (+ SD, VAT & SC), they get 1 FREE Game (only one time after subscription) + 1 credit. Upon renewal after every 7 days they get 1 credit.

1 credit = 1 Full game download. (Not bounded by levels or time play).

Pay Per Download: User can access our wapshop and can download any game as a la carte and can pay an upfront fees of 20 Taka (+ SD, VAT & SC) per game.

Try & Buy: User can also buy some of the premium titles from the HEP (Handset embed program) deals done locally and globally in Bangladesh. After playing sometimes, system will ask to purchase the game to play next level at 40 Taka (+ SD, VAT & SC) per game.

In-App Purchase: Users also have an option for In-app purchase, by which they can buy levels + incentives within the game, tariff range will be from 5 Taka to 30 Taka (+ SD, VAT & SC) based on the levels + incentives.

  1. How to use: You need to log on to wap site from your mobile via your mobile browser. You can then select from a range of mobile games.
  2. Here are some pointers to HELP you connect:

    • To browse and purchase a game, please make sure.
    • Your mobile is configured with Mobile Internet (WAP/GPRS/EDGE) settings.
    • You are using a compatible mobile for mobile games.
    • You have enough credit, especially if you are using a prepaid/postpaid.
    • You have enough space for downloading mobile games on your mobile. We recommend you save the games you download on your memory card – if there is one in your mobile phone.
  3. How to Subscribe:
    1. SMS: User will have to type “START GAME” and send to 21206 to get the link of Gameloft Club. Complete subscription by visiting the portal.
    2. Mobile site: Go to and click on “TOP Banner” or “Get for FREE” button and once prompted click on “Confirm”. On confirmation, please click on Start and user will be redirected to SAP page, where he can use his credit to download any game.
  4. How to Unsubscribe:
    1. SMS: User will have to type “STOP GAME” and send to 21206 to get the link of Gameloft Club.
    2. Mobile site: Go to and click on “UNSUBSCRIBE” in “My Account” section at the bottom of the page.
  5. Tariff:
  6. Package Price Auto-renewal
    Weekly subscription with 1 FREE Game as new joiner + 1 credit (1 credit = 1 Full game download) BDT 10.00 Yes
    Renewal with 1 credit (1 credit = 1 Full game download) BDT 10.00
    Pay per download & On-demand game BDT 20.00
    In-app purchase BDT 5.00
    BDT 9.00
    BDT 15.00
    BDT 20.00
    BDT 25.00
    BDT 30.00
    Try & Buy BDT 40.00 No


    • 3% Supplementary Duty (SD) , 15 % VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable
    • Data charge will be applicable for browsing the portal and downloading games.
    • After downloading daily content, pay per download charge will be applicable
Help and Support
Phone: 000-800-100-7058
Or by writing to us at:
Submit your request online here:

Gameloft Games Club FAQ

  1. What is gameloft game club?
  2. Ans: Gameloft is a game portal where Airtel user can avail unique games based on subscription / on-demand basis. User can also enjoy “Try & Buy” facility. They can also get the benefit of “in-app purchase”.

  3. Based on weekly subscription, user will get 1 FREE + 1 credit. What does this mean here with FREE and CREDIT?
  4. Ans: As a joining bonus we give our users a FREE game to download when they subscribe to gameloft game club. Also 1 credit per week will be given to user for which we charge user as subscription and renewal. So Free game as a joining bonus + 1 credit which user can use to download the game. These credits get accumulated every week which user can use anytime s/he wants.

  5. How user will check his available credits?
  6. Ans: The credits are always mentioned at the top of the page, “You have ‘n’ credits left, kindly download games”.

  7. How long it will be stored? If user cancels the service, will it still be stored or removed?
  8. Ans: These credits are stored till the time user will be in subscribed status. Once he unsubscribes, the credits are lost/removed.

  9. Based on renewal, what benefit the user will get?
  10. Ans: On every renewal, user gets 1 credit = 1 game.

  11. Does the subscriber use this credit to download any available game or some specific games?
  12. Ans: All the games are downloadable against credits

  13. What is ‘try and buy’ offer? How user will avail this benefit? Is this feature available under this game club service? Is subscription needed to avail this benefit? What will be the tariff for this?
  14. Ans: Try & Buy option is the games segment which is preloaded in the devices. Gameloft has global partnership with global OEM and Local OEM in Bangladesh, these games are preloaded in the device, users can play certain trials and after that if user wants he can purchase the game for which they have to pay the regular tariff.

    This is handset embedded feature, not available under this game club service. No subscription will need to get this benefit. It’s just a Try and Buy offer. Tariff for these games is BDT 40.00 + SD, VAT & SC. When user tries to purchase the game, they will be notified the tariff.

  15. Please mention the names of the devices where this try & buy features are available
  16. Ans: games are preloaded by Gameloft in Bangladesh using a third party billing and already have an approval for it. They cover most of the devices from Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony, Spice, Micromax, Symphony, Maximus ETC.

  17. What is ‘in-app purchase? What will be the tariff for this?
  18. Ans: Gameloft has freemium game model as well, in which games are free to download, but user can buy incentives/levels/ coins within the game. This process is called in-app purchase. All Airtel users can avail this offer.

    • Below are the tariffs for in-app features -
    • In-app purchase
      (Excluding SD, VAT & SC)
      BDT 5.00
      BDT 9.00
      BDT 15.00
      BDT 20.00
      BDT 25.00
      BDT 30.00
  19. Which device(s) this game club will support?
  20. Ans. These games club support all Java + Android devices. Except IOS, it will cover all platforms for games club.

  21. In IOS, when I visited the WAP link, I directed to FREE game download page but it says, IOS platform will not support. What is the matter?
  22. Ans: For IOS, we use global site, as we currently don’t have a billing solution for IOS, you are been redirected to a Free game download site. In these games, you can have in-app purchase via credit card. This is mainly for different markets where IOS are widely available.

  23. Will I get any SMS notification by mentioning the tariff and game name after purchasing Pay per download game?
  24. Ans: We will notify users for every game download.

  25. Can I download the game on a non-android phone?
  26. Ans: Yes, Java games are available which are compatible with most of the devices.

  27. For how long will the games be there on my mobile handset?
  28. Ans: Once the content is downloaded, it will remain there forever, till the time it is manually deleted. For trial games, you will be able to play games only for few minutes or levels for limited time. You’ll have to purchase the game to enjoy the full game.

  29. What are the payment options for downloading the content?
  30. Ans: The amount will be deducted from the SIM balance depending on the offered price of the content.

  31. How can I unsubscribe?
  32. Ans: You can unsubscribe by clicking on “Unsubscribe” on Gameloft portal or send STOP<>GAME to 21206. There’s no additional charge for unsubscribing. But, you’ll lose all the accumulated credits. Gameloft advises you to use all the credits before unsubscribing.

  33. Can I get the game back once it is deleted from the mobile handset?
  34. Ans: No, once the content is deleted, you need to re-download it to get it back. You can purchase the same game more than once but will be charged for each download as per game type. There will not be any charges to download Try and Buy or Free games.

  35. Can I play downloaded games on my mobile phone even after unsubscribing?
  36. Ans: Yes, you will still be able to play and download games from Gameloft portal by buying games at regular price.

  37. How can I contact you in case of any queries?
  38. Ans. In case of any queries you can contact us at:

    Phone: 000-800-100-7058
    Or by writing to us at: e-mail:
    Submit your request online here: