Rickshaw Rush

Rickshaw Rush Android Game

Rickshaw Rush is an exclusive Android game, developed only for airtel subscriber. Airtel user needs to visit the URL http://wap.shabox.mobi/RickshawRush to subscribe and download the game on the mobile handset. One time subscription fee will be charged, BDT 40.00 excluding SD, SC & VAT with 90 days validity. It is non-renewable game. User needs to subscribe again after ending the validity if wishes to play the game.

Currently we are offering this game at 50% discount at BDT 20.00 excluding SD, SC & VAT with 90 days validity.

Game Summary:Rickshaw Rush is an Android game, based on the traditional mode of transportation in Bangladesh. By playing this game participants will get a test to experience of a Rickshaw Rider. In this game each participant will get three chances to choose his/her ride from and also with get the chance to play in different locations.

How to Subscribe:

Service Tariff:

  • One time Subscription Fee: BDT 40 + (SD,VAT & SC)
  • At 50% discount: BDT 20 + (SD,VAT & SC)
  • Non-renewable game
  • Validity: 90 days

Customer Support:

  • Support Email: support@vumobile.biz
  • Customer Care Number: +88 01814426426, + 8801674985965 (08:00am-7:00pm)


  1. What is Rickshaw Rush?
  2. Ans. This is an exclusive android game.

  3. How much do I have to pay for this game?
  4. Ans. Registration/Subscription Charge: BDT 40 + (VAT+SD+SC) for 90 days validity.Initially the game will be offered at BDT 20 + (VAT+SD+SC) for 90 days validity.

  5. How do I subscribe for the service?
  6. Ans. Type START <space> RR and send to 6000 to get the service link or browse http://wap.shabox.mobi/RickshawRush from your android handset and click purchase to subscribe. After successful subscription, download the game. Please make sure, you have sufficient balance to subscribe and sufficient space in your mobile handset to download the game.

    Or user can scan from below QR Code


  7. Can I download Games without subscription/registration?
  8. Ans. No you can’t.

  9. Is there any browsing charge?
  10. Ans. Yes, standard data charges are applicable.

  11. I click on a Game link and nothing happens?
  12. Ans. Make sure that your Internet connection is working

  13. What do I require to enjoy Rickshaw Rush game on my mobile devices?
  14. Ans. To browse and download Rickshaw Rush game, please make sure your mobile is configured with mobile internet settings. You are using a compatible mobile for mobile games. You have enough space for downloading mobile games on your mobile. We recommend you save the games on your memory card – if there is one in your mobile phone.

  15. How do I send my feedback to Game Zone?
  16. Ans. You can mail us support@vumobile.biz or call +88 01814426426, + 8801674985965 (08:00am-7:00pm)