Bondho SIM Chalu Koro, Tiger-der score predict koro!

Activate your bondho SIMs and participate in the exciting contest of predicting Bangladesh’s run in the upcoming ODI matches.

1. What customers have to do:

  1. Type BAN score and send SMS to 1666
  2. Only winback eligible customers will be able to participate in the offer
  3. To check eligibility, customer has to dial *222*2#

2. Campaign will be run in 3 stages:

  1. 1st ODI on 7th Oct → SMS sending time: 4th Oct till 11:59pm of 6th Oct.
  2. 2nd ODI on 9th Oct → SMS sending time: 7th Oct till 11:59pm of 8th Oct.
  3. 3rd ODI on 12th Oct →SMS sending time: 9th Oct till 11:59pm of 11th Oct.

3. Winners:

  1. There will be a total of 30 Winners (10 winners for each ODI)
  2. 1 lucky winner out of every 10 winners for each ODI will win an attractive handset! This will be the person whose prediction comes closest to the actual score
  3. Rest 9 of the winners will each receive 1GB Internet with 7 days validity
  4. If two or more customers have the same prediction, then the customer having sent the SMS earliest will be considered.

Results will be announced to individual winners by 20th Oct!

Keep your SIMs active and wait for your call!